Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I got blamed for my brother Phil's troublemaking

Rosetta talks about her brother Phil
Rosetta as she neared 90 with her magnetic smile still shining
Rosetta was the youngest of ten children and Phil, two years older, was next in line.
Phil was the next youngest to me. We were always pals, but he loved to get into trouble.  I had skipped a grade, so we were only one year apart in school. When I had a teacher the year after he did, they automatically thought I would be a troublemaker just like him, and I really had to try hard to show them I wasn’t like my brother.

Phil could talk his way out of most things, and like all of my brothers, had a magnetic personality. When he finally straightened out because I gave him a tongue lashing, he actually gave the main speech at our graduation. That was a magical day for him and when he was done with his talk, the whole audience stood up clapping. I always wondered if that ever would have happened if I hadn’t given him a lecture.

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