Wednesday, March 26, 2014


How interesting to realize that when Rosetta Schwartz was 4 months old the Wright Brothers were just beginning to instruct aspiring pilots how to fly their newfangled invention - the aeroplane!

The Wright Flying School, also known as the Wright School of Aviation, was operated by the Wright Company from 1910 to 1916 and trained 119 individuals to fly Wright airplanes.

The Wright Flying School in Birmingham, Alabama. Later this became the site of Maxwell Air Force Base.
When she moved to California from Chicago in 1953 she flew aboard a propeller plane. The trip took over 8 hours and the few people who flew got very dressed up to travel. For women it was a hat and gloves. For men, suit an tie.

Now we zip all over the world in relatively few hours, often wearing comfortable sweats. Particularly when flying to far-away destinations like Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and more. Something unthought of in Rosetta's day when those places could only be reached by ship.


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