Friday, December 12, 2014


Most often we don't stop to think about all the advances made in the past century and this one. If Rosetta were still living, she would be 105 years old, but she left us as she neared her 97th birthday.

Let's go back 100 years. What happened in 1914, the year she was 5 years old?

— The Ford Motor Co. increased wages from $2.40 for a 9-hour day to $5 for an 8-hour day. Ford went on to sell 248,000 cars the same year.
— In Washington, DC, the first stone of the Lincoln Memorial was put into place.
— “Tarzan of the Apes” by Edgar Rice Burroughs was first published.
— The Great War (WWI) started. President Woodrow Wilson declared the United States as neutral.
— The Harrison Narcotics Act, regulating and taxing the production, importation, and distribution of opiates, was signed into law.
— Zippers were relatively new and used mostly in boots and tobacco pouches.
— Charlie Chaplin made his film debut and Babe Ruth made his Major League Baseball debut.
— Mary Phelps Jacobs patented the brassiere.
— The Greyhound Bus Co. began its first passenger trips.
— Beginning the first of June, the use of alcohol was prohibited in the U.S. Navy. Welch’s Grape Juice was the recommended substitute.
The average annual income was $577. The average cost of a new car was $500 while a new house averaged $3,500. A gallon of milk (mostly sold by the quart) carried a 32 -cent price tag while a gallon of gas was 12 cents. A loaf of bread cost six cents.
— Life expectancy for males was 52 years and females, 56.8 years.

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