Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kindle edition of Rosetta's book FREE today and tomorrow at Amazon

1920s - Rosetta at the beach with her banjo
This is a great chance to download a FREE copy of the Kindle edition of CAN WE COME IN AND LAUGH, TOO? on April 19, 20 and 27. After that it goes back to $2.99. If you're an Amazon Prime Member, you can borrow it free at any time.

Don't have a Kindle? Just download the free Kindle ap on your computer or your SmartPhone and read bits of Rosetta's stories whenever you have time. It will bring a smile to your face.  She always found the humor in every situation. Here is an example that isn't in the book.

In 1983 when Rosetta was 74, she was the passenger in a car that was hit broadside in the passenger's door. She wound up in the hospital with gashes, bruises and a broken arm. Despite it all, there was a smile on her face. She pointed to the deep gash held together with stitches that had miraculously missed her eye. "See, honey, the guy upstairs was watching out for me. Otherwise I might have had to wear a patch and then I'd look like a pirate."

Later, after she had been released from the hospital a few days later, her daughter suggested that it would be better for Rosetta to come to her house to convalesce. Well, Morgan lived about 30 miles from Rosetta's apartment which would take her away from her friends and beloved sisters Edna and Jean. "Thanks, honey, but I'll be fine here."

"But, Mom..."

Rosetta held up the arm enclosed in a big white plaster cast. "Look, if you're worried about anyone breaking in, I've got the best weapon possible. I'll just hit them over the head with this cast. It's really heavy, you know."

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