Thursday, April 12, 2012

Welcome to the new blog for Rosetta Schwartz's book Can We Come In and Laugh, Too

Rosetta can't write this blog herself, because she passed away in 2006 just before her 97th birthday. When her daughter, author Morgan St. James, convinced to write a memoir back in 1989, Rosetta had no idea that someday it would be a book to be enjoyed by the masses. 

With her normal modesty, she said, "But honey, you and your sister Phyllice are the writers in the family. What would I say?"

"Well, Mom, just write about your life. Lot's of people living now have no idea what it was like back then . You weathered some pretty stormy times and it seems laughter always got you through. By the way, you're wrong. You're a wonderful writer."

She thought for a moment, then said, "Well we always did have so much fun. With 9 brothers and sisters pulling crazy stunts and all the neighbors wanting to come in and laugh with us, I guess I do have pretty much to write about."

So Rosetta took out her spiral notebook and started to write. "Before I tell my stories, and I've got a lot of them, I want to talk about my brothers and sisters. People need to know what they were like to understand that our family was like living in the middle of a three-ring circus."

That was definitely the truth. The calmest one was Jean, the oldest of the brood. Beautiful Jean even graced the cover of an early Saturday Evening Post one time, but that's another story and you'll find it in the book. The others were like a troop of comedians 24/7.

As she takes you through her more than 90 years, future posts will give you more insight into Rosetta, a little silver-haired woman with the strength of steel and the understanding of Soloman. She had the gift of being able to make you feel so special and believe that you could accomplish anything.

Oh, yes, there will also be video of her dancing to rock and roll at age 90 and peeks into her amazing wisdom.

Thanks for visiting, and come back soon.

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